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Welcome to the website of the Elfrida Citizens Alliance Inc. 

Our mission is “to provide decent and affordable housing
for low income and moderate income persons, economic development, community development and other
supportive services for residents of Sulphur Springs Valley, and the opportunity for ALL residents of Sulphur Springs Valley to participate in charitable activities
for the good of the area and its residents." 

ECA offers a variety of programs and services to help improve the local economy, preserve housing and to help rural Sulphur Springs Valley "go green".

ECA's Rural Innovation Fund is:

  • Creating new economic activity and job growth,
  • Establishing a Revolving Loan fund to provide affordable financing for small businesses and homeowners,
  • Improving residential and business properties through energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy projects, and
  • Encourage the formulation and development of microenterprise and small businesses through training, technical assistance and capacity building services.

Solar Energy Assistance Program provides forgivable grants to low income homeowners to cover the installation of solar hot water systems.  Progressive Solar Inc., a licensed residential and commercial plumbing and electrical contractor, has been competitively selected to install these systems. 

Renewable Energy Assistance Program provides forgivable loans to install solar photovoltaic systems on community facilities and small businesses.  Progressive Solar Inc., a licensed residential and commercial plumbing and electrical contractor, has been competitively selected to install these systems. 

Energy Efficiency Improvements to help low income homeowners and renters reduce their utility costs.  Energy efficient materials and supplies are provided to reduce utility usage that includes CFL lightbulbs, weatherstripping, caulking, low-flow showerheads, pipe insulation and other supplies.

USDA's Renewable Energy for America Program (REAP)  ECA provides technical assistance services to help private small business owners apply for grant funds through USDA to install renewable energy systems.

Revolving Loan Program designed to provide low interest loans to small businesses to make repairs, energy efficiency improvements, install renewable energy facilities or to make handicap accessbility improvements.

Pathways Out of Poverty, a program conducted by SouthEastern Arizona Governments Organization (SEAGO) to help low income individuals gain employment in green industries.  Pathways Out of Poverty provides job preparation, job training,  employment placement and follow up services.  ECA serves as an outreach location.

Financial and Housing Counseling Services helps low income households resolve their housing problems, access important services and develop financial management skills.

Notary Services are offered for a small fee.  Donations are also accepted.  Appointments are recommended.

Supporting the Elfrida Community Library.  Without donations from community members and ECA's fundraisers to pay the utilities for the Elfrida Community Library, this service would not be offered in our community.  Please make a donation to ECA or participate in one of our raffles to help keep our Library open.


Become a Member of ECA and enjoy these benefits:


*      Be part of an influential voice in shaping
 the future of our community.

*      Access to programs and services that benefit you,
your neighbor or your local business owner.

*      Receive newsletters that provide information
on community events and services.

*      Through your membership, work with us
to make a difference in our community.


Annual Membership is still only $15 for Full Member or
$8 for Associate Member.

Elfrida Citizens' Alliance, Inc.
10394 Hwy 191 Suite A
P.O. Box 172
Elfrida, Arizona 85610
Phone: (520) 642-6967
Fax: (520) 642-6969

Office Hours are Monday through Thursday
from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
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