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Elfrida Citizens' Alliance is a nonprofit organization that was formed in 2000 by a grassroots group of residents that were interested in responding to the unmet needs of Sulphur Springs Valley, a colonia that stretches from Douglas to Willcox located in Cochise County Arizona.  Through their advocacy, the Elfrida Community Library and Elfrida Community Center were established and continue to serve the community to this day.  In 2005, ECA established an office to provide a site where residents can obtain services intended to address the lack of economic opportunity, poverty and substandard housing conditions prevalent in this colonia.  

ECA provides residents with an opportunity to participate in making a positive impact on our community by serving as volunteers, as advocates or to assist in raising funds for important community projects.

Since 2004, Elfrida Citizens Alliance has 
*  Replaced substandard owner-occupied homes owned by low income families with energy efficient manufactured homes;
* Revitalized the Elfrida Business District through the installation of sidewalks, art signage, and facade improvements;
* Established a Revolving Loan Fund to provide affordable financing for small businesses to make facade improvements or to install energy efficiency improvements, or handicap accessibility features; and
* Provided emergency utility assistance to help prevent homelessness. 

Through the efforts of ECA, Sulphur Springs Valley is "going green!"  ECA has completed more than $500,000 worth of renewable energy projects. 
*  Fifteen solar hot water systems and five solar photovoltaic electricity-generating systems have been installed on homes owned by low income families providing them with a renewable source of energy and making their homes more affordable. 
*  Six community facilities and three commercial properties have reduced their operating costs as a result of the solar photovoltaic systems that were installed, contributing to the sustainability of these facilities and businesses for decades to come.  
*  Energy saving materials and fixtures have been installed on thirty-six homes owned or occupied by low income households, reducing their overall utility usage. 

To support the economic self-sufficiency of Sulphur Springs Valley, ECA is creating new economic activity and supporting job growth through its Rural Innovation Fund Program.  The goals of this program include: 
* Providing small and microenterprise businesses with technical assistance and capacity building services to help them create or expand employment opportunities;
*  Improve the housing stock and business facilities through energy efficiency improvements or by installing renewable energy systems;
*  Provide housing and financial counseling services to help residents secure decent and affordable housing and to practice wealth building strategies.
*  Using Rural Innovation Funds, ECA is establishing a new Revolving Loan Fund that will serve as a catalyst for supporting these projects and will provide a sustainable asset that can support on-going economic development and housing preservation activities in our community.

For more information about these programs or services, please contact ECA by calling 520-642-6967.



Fern Lawson is a Founding member of ECA and
has served as Board President for more than six years.

Alma Garcia has served as
ECA's Vice President for more than seven years.

Lynn Marshall Miller has served on
ECA's Board for more than four years.

Bob Porter, local businessman,  has
served on ECA's Board for more than three years.

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